The humming sound of the answering machine starting filled the otherwise silent apartment.



Uhm... Do you hear me?

I've been trying to talk to you for a long time now. But, I can't seem to reach you. I know, I should have said something sooner, but... Well, you know me. Or, you did once, at least.

I just wanted to let you know I miss you terribly. I know, I know... this is not the right time to let you know. I guess it's a bit soon. But I mean, if not now? Then when?

So, I'll say it again, I miss you, my love. Everything around me is cold without you, and somehow, I can't seem to find any meaning to my existence any more. All that occupies my mind are the memories of the precious moments that we shared, you and me.

I keep remembering when we went to London, that time in late spring

when the world had just started to blossom, in gold, blues and pinks. We took a stroll through Hyde Park, and just by that small pond with the worn iron bench and all the ducks, you kissed me so passionately I thought I'd die of joy. Do you remember how you laughed out loud at my silliness, that warm bright laugh of yours, and how you held me afterwards. Do you?

I was so happy then. What happened to us?

I can't seem to remember where things started to go wrong. It has all sort of faded, I guess. I find it all so distant. Like I can no longer connect with you.

I see you right next to me across the breakfast table every day now, and you sleep so soundly next to me in bed, but you couldn't be further away. It's like there was a full millennia or a whole world keeping us apart. Oh. I miss you terribly my love. I miss you so much it hurts.

You don't see me anymore! It's like you long for something different. And when we go to bed, and I touch you with all my loving affection, all you do