Vinyl. If you searched the word on a search engine you might expect to get thigh-high boots, dominatrix outfits or even house paint or siding. In fact, almost all of the results have some sort of affiliation with records. That's right, I said records. Those giant black, old-school 'compact discs'. It's been said that disco is coming back. Keep your bell bottoms in your closet. This more-than-a-century old media format is making a comeback.

In an age where music has become less appreciated and more of a disposable ambiance, it's quite surprising that vinyl record sales doubled from 1.9 million in 2008 to 2.8 million in 2009. I mean, you can't get a portable record player and listen to your favourite album while jogging as you can with a CD player or MP3 player. A turntable, the device which plays records, cannot 'shuffle' tracks either. Realistically, these giant plastic discs are inconvenient.

So, why are they gaining in popularity?

There are quite a few reasons. Vintage collecting, audiophiles, elitists and genuine music enthusiasts are all part of the growth, leading to more vinyl