Duncan Lunan is a man of many talents. Astronomer, editor and author, folk musician: you name it, Duncan has made his formidable mark on the subject. With a career stretching back over forty years, and with friendships and acquaintances with all of the best-known writers and scientists in recent history, he has been referred to as “The Godfather” of modern Scottish Sci-Fi.

Here, for Winterwind, is an exclusive interview with questions put to Duncan by myself and the Winterwind team. The rest is all Duncan’s own words. I regard Duncan as not only a writer of the highest calibre, but also a dear friend. Enjoy.

Michael Collins

Editor's Note: Due to the pleasantly surprising detailed and in-depth answers in the interview, it was decided to publish it in two parts, and in two formats: an abridged version in the ezine and an unabridged version on the main site. Abridged answers are indicated with: "..."