Before I start explaining the source of the Hob-Men, I should perhaps give some basic facts to explain how I it was that I got myself into this position. I attended my local Youth Theatre at my local theatre for four and a half years, and usually we entered into the National Connections Youth Festival, a festival of plays written for the youth across the country wherein the best are performed at the National Theatre.

Due to a global financial crisis, it was sadly not possible to mount the festival last year. Instead, as part of the Hometown season our theatre was running, a festival looking at Northampton, local writers, including those in our group, were asked to submit plays for our group to perform. I dutifully took advantage of said opportunity.


The brief for all the writers was to write a short, inexpensive play about Northampton that could feature our Youth Theatre company. I wrote a half hour play (by far the longest mounted), which doubled the costume budget and concerned superheroes.