Editor's Note: Welcome to Part Two of our interview with Duncan Lunan. (Part One is available here.)

Due to the detailed, in-depth answers Mr. Lunun provided, it was decided to publish the interview in two parts, and in two formats: an abridged version in the ezine and an unabridged version on the main site. Abridged answers are indicated with: "..."

What happened in the Epsilon Boötis affair?

That’s a big change in topic – but then, it was a big change of direction in my writing life. One of the early participants in the “Man and the Stars” discussions was the late John Macvey, author of “Journey to Alpha Centauri” and a string of later books. He drew attention to the suggestion by Prof. Ron Bracewell, of Stanford University, that a probe from another civilisation had tried to contact us, using long-delayed radio 'echoes' (LDE's), first reported in the 1920's.

Actually, the 'echoes' were much too powerful to be simple reflections of signals from Earth.