The darkness of your dreams tears you from your home in the quiet English countryside.

In the fog-filled streets of East London's Whitechapel slums you choke on the stench of sewage and sweat. The sibilant scrape of boot heel on cobblestone the only sound, the distant, dim flicker of gas lamps the only light.

You must find her. You must know.

Leaving London you travel to the desolate windswept Alps of Switzerland. A quickening shiver courses down your spine as you feel eyes watching you from the shadowed peaks above.

Finally free of the mountains you descend into the dark depths of Bavaria's forests. Under foot twigs snap like brittle bone, heralding your approach. When you emerge from the darkness, it is to find yourself lost in a realm faculty and reason try desparately to deny.

And though you will not be alone... you will be afraid.

Welcome to 1888

Friday, October 31, 2003

My then girlfriend and I sat down to watch Young Frankenstein and From Hell for Halloween. At the time, I was a fan of Black Isle's crpgs, I owned some shares in the parent company, Interplay (strictly for the right to bitch) and I was a SuperMod on the Interplay/Black Isle message boards.

Just prior to starting the movies, she had asked me who did the music for Black Isle's games. I answered and she said: "Oh, we could do that."

We were both musicians. Why couldn't we?

Turning this thought around in my mind during the movies, I had another: Instead of just writing the music for a game, why not write the story too?

I asked some friends at Black Isle if they'd look at a story outline and demo soundtrack. They said yes, that it was good timing actually. Interplay couldn't afford the DnD license anymore and needed something in-house after Fallout3.

There were no promises but, what the hell, submitting a proposal might be fun.

So I approached my friend Chris, aka, Capelworth.