Three years worth of literature at Winterwind. Let's see what we have to show for it, shall we?

Well, for a start, contributions to the Literature section were far more frequent than those to the Arts.

Quite a few members posted poetry, lyrics, short stories and various other odds and ends. They didn't always receive a lot of encouragement or feedback but sooner or later, someone would post something in the Creative Writing forum. Sometimes, they even asked us if we'd put their work on the site.

Our most frequent contributors were former moderators, apoxuponme and Choyrt, and more recently, Baley.

apox had Written Warning, a series of strangely humourous rants, featuring classics like the History of Mustard and Bitch sticks: a rant of epic stupidity.

Choyrt created Ally & Oz, a series about the adventures of two stuffed

animals and then wrote Seven Wings, a contemporary action/adventure series, just before taking his leave.

Baley, of course, is the brilliant young writer featured in both the first and second issue of this ezine. His settings, characters and subject matter exhibit an intelligence and insight far beyond his 17 years.

Two other literary epics deserve mention: this utterly bizarre story written by forum members who contributed one sentence at a time and...


It all began sweetly enough, with CatBoris composing:

In soviet Russia
Haiku write you with pencil
Stabbing hurts my spleen

This is internet
Fish's gift to lazy folk
Buy pizza online

Dance my midgets, dance!
Prance now through the forest green
Pink bubbles go ape.

Noober now tried his hand at haikus:

Short worm is crying
Winds of winter laugh at him
Fishy doom is looming

Furry faucet fun
Giving glee to everyone
Shine, sprinkling, sprinkling

And then Josan joined in with:

Rustling in bush
Furry squirrel army says
"Master, feed us now."

Things then turned hedonistic in their harmonious haven of haiku honing.

Janmanden arrived.

Jan was much loved for his abusive, incoherent rants. (Seriously, what's not to love about Jan?) And so CatBoris hailed him with:

Men in Greece are odd
Dress in togas, fondle boys
Janmanden feels home

Crossdressing is in
Cats and dogs alike partake
How is boy-toy, Jan?

And Noober greeted him thusly:

He thinks of men hard,
he masturbates in public
Janmanden he is

The seeds were sown. A Ballad of Buggery began. A contest to compose a haiku ending with the line: "Janmanden sucks cock"

Our beloved Janmanden, who in classic troll form could dish it out but not take it, had a tantrum and quit the forums. For the second time.

As Josan observed:

Incoherent rant
Bitch bitch bitch I hate you all
Janmanden cries wolf