Some people may be offended by this article but that's ok.

Because some people offend me.

So, Christmas is upon us. Ooooh!

Being something of a tree hugger, winter solstice is more meaningful to me. Christmas, I can take or leave.

And any clergyman worth his collection plate can tell you that Christ wasn't even born in December, that it was just a ploy by the church during their "convert or die" campaigns to placate the heathen masses.

But I'm all for Christ. He preached a peaceful message. Hell, even God mellowed after Christ was born, going from a vainglorius, blood thirsty bastard in the Old Testament to being fairly relaxed in the New Testament, so Christ is pretty good in my books.

And I'm all for peace and goodwill.

Still, Christmas isn't what it was when I was a kid. For one thing, it used to be white. Now it's green. But hey, forget about global warming. What'd you get me this year?

To me, things started getting bad in the 1980s with Politcal Correctness.

Mankind became humankind because mankind was sexist. You couldn't call a retard a retard anymore. They were now developmentally challenged.

And people got whinier by the decade. Non-smokers are old news but suddenly everyone is allergic to peanuts or lactose intolerant and Snickers bars can kill you and milk is pulled from school board cafeterias.

And apparently, some people find Christmas offensive.

Me, I find hypocriscy and stupidty offensive.

But our government appeases them.

Christmas parties at work are now called "Year End" or "Holiday" parties and in the news this year: Christmas trees in public buildings are bad.

Ask Czechoslovakia how appeasement worked out back in 1938.

There's an old saying that makes sense to me: "When in Rome..."

If I'm in another country, I don't expect them to change their cultural or religious observances to accomodate me. They wouldn't anyhow.

But the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant culture is getting pissed on. People come here for a better life, demand religious freedom and then insist that we, the country taking them in, not display our cultural symbols.

We're supposed to be multi-cultural but that doesn't seem to include the WASP culture that first settled here from Britain. Fair is fair I guess. After all, we did it to the Native Americans.

But seriously? Christmas is offensive?

I'm no Christian but I am Canadian and Canada was founded on Christian ideals and symbolism. I respect that though I could be offended by Christmas with what the church did to my pagan ancestors. So suck it up and Merry Christmas.

PS The Christmas tree is actually a pagan symbol. There aren't a lot of evergreens in the Holy Land.

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