Everyday we make choices of a varied nature. Some are important, some are not. Some change our lives forever, some are hardly noticeable but we make them none the less. We choose what socks to wear, what to eat, when to eat, some even choose whether to eat. But those choices (except maybe the last one) are all minor ones. They are made, more or less, instantaneously without much consideration. There are choices that affect us more, much more. And those are the choices this story is about.

It is also about a man. A man who, during the course of one day, makes four different choices, all with great importance to either himself or to the world around him.

His name is John Walker, but that is not important. Who he is, on the other hand, is important. He is an ordinary man who lives a life by himself in a two-room apartment and he works as an office clerk at a small insurance company. He works most of the day, then he goes home and does nothing except watching TV.

He is content with this life. Maybe he isn't happy, but on the other hand,

he isn't sad either. He lives his life in the grey zone. He does the same grey things every day; his life is based on routine. All to avoid as many decisions as possible.

What he doesn't realize is that all this has made him the object of an experiment performed by two creatures named Stylox and Gazzt.

If a human were to see them, she would most likely take them for demons, so let's call them that - demons.

They come from a dimension parallel with ours and they have the ability to see through the layers of the multiverse. With some effort they can even interact with worlds other than their own and now they have been gathering strength for some time, preparing for the Experiment.

They are striving to understand the human nature, what makes a human act the way she does and how easily she can be persuaded, or pushed, to change her ways. They have carefully selected the best human for their experiment and now they're all ready to go...

Choice 1: Greed or Honesty

John Walker woke up at 6.30 AM sharp. He always did, at least during the week. On weekends he didn't wake up until 9.30 AM, but this was an ordinary weekday, a Tuesday to be more specific, and that meant 6.30. John didn't really need his alarm clock, since he would wake up at the exact same time anyway, but he always set it before he went to bed. Force of habit. John Walker had many of those. Some would even say that his entire life was one great force of habit and those people wouldn't be entirely wrong.

He got out of bed a few minutes after waking up. He deliberately made sure he'd wake up a little while, four minutes to be precise, before he had to get up just to feel the "luxury" of being able to stay in bed for a few moments before the day started.

He put on his slippers that he had carefully placed at the side of the bed the evening before. Then it was time for his morning shower, which took seven minutes. Then he took care of his other toilet actions like peeing and shaving.