In the previous issue we got to know John Walker. He is a man so afraid of making decisions that he has his life down almost completely to routine. Every day in his life is exactly the same.

We also got met two creatures called Stylox and Gazzt, scientists from another dimension desperately trying to understand human behaviour. For their latest experiment, they have chosen John Walker as a subject.

In the first part of the experiment, finding a well filled wallet causes John Walker to miss his bus to work for the first time in his life. The wallet belonged to John Walker's boss - Charles Seaman.

When John Walker arrived at work, a furious Charles Seaman was waiting for him. He yelled at John, while John was considering whether to keep the wallet or not. In the end, he decided he had had enough of the treatment he got from Seaman and kept it. Now, the experiment continues.

Choice 2: Love or Lust

After the meeting John felt quite satisfied, despite being yelled at. But the longer the day went the more he started to have second thoughts concerning the wallet.

He knew it was wrong to keep it, but then he just had to think about the tone his boss had used or the fact that he didn't get that promotion a year ago and he'd feel better. Maybe it was a petty thing to do, but there had to be some justice in the world.

Besides, it wasn't like Mr. Seaman was going to miss the money; he was horribly overpaid as it was. And he should be nicer to his employees, everyone can be late once. It didn't even cross John Walker's mind that Mr. Seaman was in such a bad mood due to the fact that he had lost his wallet (with quite a lot of money in it).

The morning went on and John kept to

his office and did what he was supposed to be doing, working. He took his coffee break at 9.45 as he always did and talked a little with the other employees. Very little though, he didn't really felt he had the time for more. If he got to personal with them his work could be suffering and he didn't want that to happen.

After all, he had the highest case-ratio in the office and he really wanted to keep it that way. The others were chattering enough amongst them selves as it was.

The other people at the office had long ago stopped trying to make any real contact with Walker. They greeted him when he arrived and exchanged polite phrases during the break, but that's really all there was to it. They had learned there wasn't much use in trying anything else, so they didn't.

Lunchtime came around and at Walker went to eat at 12.15 sharp. One thing

that would have surprised people who knew John Walker well was that he didn't bring his own lunch with him. That'd be the cheapest way of doing things and he wasn't really a big spender. What wouldn't surprise the same people was that he always went to the same place and always ordered the specialty of the day, regardless of what it was, and a glass of water.

The place was a small lunch-restaurant just about 100 meters away from the office and the specialty of the day this particular day was Swedish meatballs with mashed potato and gravy. John had taken a liking to the place and he also knew the waitresses would leave him pretty much to himself, although they were always polite when he arrived.

He started going there ten years ago, when the place he used to go to had to shut down. He still didn't know the names of any of the waitresses and they definitely didn't know his.