Greetings comrade, and welcome to the Zombie Communist Party!

Undoubtedly you believe us to be just, or dare we say, yet, another group on the political extreme fringe, but this, my friend, is not true.

At least, not completely so; for whilst it may be true that we are a political group, and some might even say that we are an extreme one; and it is also true that we exist on the fringes of political society, it is a gross misunderstanding, and quite the disservice, to say that we are just yet another of such groups.

For whilst many seek solace in the unique offers of newer religions, such organizations are not unique. We, comrade, on the other hand, are.

So you ask me: "But Comrade, what are the unique offers that you claim to have?" to which I would have to reply, that firstly these are not mere claims. Claims are something usually connected to lofty promises, and nonexistent rewards.

With the Zombie Communist Party, it is not so: We keep our promises!

As part of the Zombie Communist Party, we believe, and quite strongly at that, in the fair and egalitarian distribution of wealth, and as such we promise to give every undead Comrade of the Party, his or her share of brains. This is the very basis of unlife, and as such we cannot allow ourselves to make any compromises on this area.

We also offer you, our prospective Comrade, a place in a new society, where everyone is truly equal: A society where no man or woman is deader than their Zombie Communist brother or sister!

This has often been the stumbling block regular Living Communism has never found a way around, for they were always driven by the desires of their living flesh. And as the undead, this is something we no longer have to worry about. As undead, we all know only of one urge: The urge to feed upon the brains of others.

Additionally, the dead are the fastest growing community on the planet: 60 million people die on this planet every year, all of whom have it within them to rise again in unlife.