Editor's Note

In the previous issue, some shit happened to John Walker and he had to makes some choices.

Some of it was good shit.

Some of it was bad shit.

Some of the choices were easy.

Some of the choices were hard.

In this issue, more shit happens to John Walker and he has to make more choices.

Choice 3: Life and Death

The dinner was a strange affair.

They dined in silence, as neither John nor Rachel knew what to say. John didn't know because he just hadn't been on that many dates and Rachel just had no idea what to say to John.

This maybe isn't that strange in itself, this happens on a fair amount of dates after all. The strange part was that in spite of the lack of conversation they both really enjoyed themselves. They were both aware of the awkwardness of the situation; they just didn't seem to mind. They didn't sit in absolute silence though; once in a while the ordinary small talk about the weather and similar things did take place, but not much more. It never really got personal.

Rachel had picked the restaurant and when it came to order, John had more or less just ordered at random from

the menu. There were so many different things to choose from and he really had no idea what he wanted. He felt lucky that Rachel hadn't expected him to choose for her, as is the case in so many movies he's seen.

That really worried him when they sat down, he really didn't want to order her something she hated. But Rachel knew him enough not to put him through that. The food was really good and the restaurant had a very nice mood. It wasn't too expensive, but it still felt very fresh.

After they had finish their deserts, they sat each with a cup of coffee just relaxing. At this time the ice was starting to break and they actually

began talking a little with each other beyond the polite small talk that had been before. Rachel still did most of the talking, mostly because there were more things for her to tell about herself than there were for John.

He actually started to feel that his life was a little empty since he hardly had anything to say about himself at all. He'd never really thought about it that way before, he'd always been content with his life, but now when he was talking to Rachel he really wanted to have more things to say.

Time and time again he apologized for being such a dull person and not saying very much, but Rachel just smiled and said it was all right. She said she enjoyed his company anyway and that it was refreshing to talk to such an interested listener. This did make John feel a little better, though deep inside he still felt he was missing out on something in life.

One interesting thing to note was that he hadn't thought about Michelle at all during the dinner. There was something about Rachel that just made him forget everything else. This was also a new feeling for John and he found it was one he really liked.