Welcome to Issue Six.

It's late. Very Late.

It was supposed to have been ready for the autumn equinox. Instead, it made it for Halloween.

Blame Mattias aka Spider. We do.

And it started out so well...

For the first time in Winterwind's almost four years, Mattias brought in outside content. A friend of his was contributing her art to the ezine.


Since I didn't have her contact info, he was getting everything together for the artist's profile.

He was also doing the cover since I'd come up with the first five and would, of course, do the title and textures for the conclusion of his story.

The Latrine was half done, damned funny and I'd just have to whip together the editorial and staff page.

But it was too good to be true. As with the first issue, so too with the sixth.

On September 26, he emailed me the pictures from his friend and... nothing.

Mattias left us hanging again.

Five days late and we had fantastic pictures we couldn't use because I didn't know her name, contact info or any sort of biography material.

We had no cover and he couldn't even be arsed to finish his own story with a title page and backgrounds.

I couldn't even write the editorial or staff page because I didn't know what we had and who was doing it.

Between Mattias' miasma, the strain of working full time, going to school (A+ average for the genius, thank you!) and still trying to have a life, I had no energy or inspiration to finish my column.

Brilliant recovery though!

I had the good fortune of coming across another lady artist who agreed to grace our pages.

Magnus made his editorial debut as he and I picked the pieces for our artist's profile - jax4java.

On this issue's cover, I featured jax4java's picture, Modern Fish, a piece that Magnus saw as a sign that jax4java is Blessed of Our Lord Fish.

To finish off Mattias's story, Magnus cunningly changed the "two" to a "three" on the title page and I cleverly flipped the textures from part two for the other pages.

Winterwind prevails despite Mattias aka Captain Integrity and his absence.

And as a complete surprise, I got an email from Lina, the artist friend of our so called webmaster who was initially to appear in this issue.

She found the site herself, emailed me saying that she didn't know what was up with Mattias, was sorry to see what happened and hoped we'd still show her art in the future.

And we will.