Joseph "Josan" Avery-North
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Joseph is tired. Work, school, having a life and still giving a toss about Winterwind will do that to a man.

Magnus Mørkøre "CatBoris" Johannesen
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Magnus is tired from work and school and having a life too. But he made his editorial debut and still found time to spam the forums!

Mattias "Spider" Våglin
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Mattias has his head stuck up his ass again. 50% of all future Paypal donations will go to a special fund to get him some medication and/or a good therapist. If/when he comes back, we'll forgive him and cyberhug him as always.


Joseph Avery-North
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Joseph Avery-North

Joseph Avery-North
Magnus Mørkøre Johannesen
Mattias Våglin

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Joseph Avery-North

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We would like to extend our special thanks to jax4java and Lina, our current and future profiled artists. They are two ladies whose shining examples of integrity were the bright spots for this issue.

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