Winterwind is pleased to bring you an interview with Rainer "Rhino" Wiechmann, of the band NAIL who recenlt released their debut album. Skipping the pleasantries of "Hi, how are ya, thanks for being here" since I've known you for a few years, on with the questions.

What is your favourite musical style to listen to and why?

I can listen to pretty much anything if the performances are outstanding within the genre. I think the Sex Pistols were excellent at what they did, likewise Vince Gill is an awesome singer/guitarist. Tool are great, Pantera, the Eagles... you get the idea. A lot of hardcore metal bands have amazing musicianship, and even though the vocal is usually lacking melody, it's all about attitude, delivery and stamina, and if done well can be amazing!

What is your least favourite and why?

That's a difficult question. For me I guess it's anything that is executed poorly. If you are a metal band with a mediocre drummer I will be more likely to want to listen to Bela Fleck play banjo, despite the fact that I find the banjo an annoying instrument. It becomes much more interesting when it is played well. The most irritating music to me are repetitive dance beats coupled with bad poetry masquerading as hip-hop. This is topped off only by "stylists" such as Mariah Carey who feel it necessary to