I've always had my fingers doing something (and have the scars from woodcarving to prove it) from a young age. If my nose wasn't stuck in a book, I would be sitting with my sketch book and box of colored pencils. But while having to sit still during Mass, the only fun thing was to watch the shapes of colored sunlight from the windows move across the bench and if really lucky, one might even fall on me. That was my first enjoyment of stained glass.

In 1977, my husband and I decided to try it as something we could do together as his father was a glazier in Boston.. Now 31 years later, my finest accomplishments are two published teaching books on the craft of stained glass (and I still can't decide on my favorite color of sunlight).

Inspiration comes from many sources - my love of history and related artifacts and myths such as the Green Man shown here done in the traditional painted and leaded glass.