I was born in the city, and moved to one of the smallest towns in Ontario and grew up as a country girl, always wishing I was back in the city for lack of things to do as the closest movie theatre was 23 km drive away. It wasn't until I moved back to the city did I realize that I loved the country, the nature, the beauty, and the flow of things were quite slower, and more laid back.

Growing up, when we did go back to the city to visit grandma and grandpa, I loved looking at pictures of family and friends when I was too young to remember or wasn't even born.

It amazes me how you could capture one moment, and keep it forever! Provided there aren't any fires or floods, or anything that destroys the pictures. But to take something in time and preserve that memory is priceless; you may have forgotten do some things down the line, but as soon as you see that picture it's like BAM it all comes back to you. With these days full of technology, computers, internet and everything else, it's easy to lose touch of where you came from, and your past. At least every now and then when we want to, we can pull out that shoebox of pictures, or photo album and remember.