Producing Winterwind Productions

Producing Winterwind Productions

by Joseph Avery-North

It’s been four months since the last article on the site, five months since the last video on the channel but hey, these things happen. So, in today’s video we look at spooky trees, flooded rivers, the evil things that lurk in the flood waters and, oh yeah, what the hell is up at Winterwind Productions!

Well, there are a few reasons for the delay and, once you get past the spooky trees and things that lurk in the water, those factors are addressed. In fact, on of the reasons for the delays with Winterwind will be used for constructive purpose and lead to a planned video series talking about depression, the stigma that still exists re: mental health, etc, etc.

So stay tuned… there’s more to come. I mean it this time. Hell, I might even get another video done this month!

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3 thoughts on “Producing Winterwind Productions”


    You are clearly a brave man venturing into zombie-infested forests that runs red with blood… Pray, tell, did you escape the cheese monster that appeared in the end of the video???

    • Jan!!! It’s you! I’ve missed you, man. It’s been almost exactly one year since you last appeared… a year and a day… except for that dream… it was weird… you were wearing nothing but chocolate eclairs and a smile. I awoke in a cold sweat, I can tell you that! Yes, I escaped the crocigator AND the cheese monster!

  2. Phew!!! You really had me worried there – he looked really scary, wailing like a banshee with all the screen shaking… This site needs a PG-rating, at least +52 yo, because I am clearly too young for this.

    Yup, sounds like me in that dream. That’s what I normally wear when I appear in all other dreams than my own. Thank god you awoke, because I am pretty sure I would not have liked to share any of the chocolate eclairs, which is probably why I smiled because I knew how unsettling that would be for you – reverse psychology and all that.

    I guess I am the yearly visitor +1 day, until further notice or the next dream: wish you all the best! Stay safe my friend!! 🙂


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