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Edit: June 2013 - In going over the site, readying for the re-launch and moving these songs into the archivem I am struck by how much I miss my music. I was natuarlly gifted. So said my teachers and other musicians. The best compliments were well established performers I knew asking if they could do some of my songs. (I always declined since so many were so deeply personal). But now, in reading through old lyrics... I miss my music. I remember snippets of melody or a chord progression or a guitar riff or string arrangement. Sadly, I never wrote down most of the music from about 2000 onwards because I was so certain I'd never stop playing. But I did. Someone I once cared for, someone I trusted, told me I had no talent. And considering who they were to me, I believed them. I wonder if I can get it back?


Once upon a time, I was a musician. I suppose I still am. At the age of 10, I decided I was an artist and started short stories, plays and lyrics. At the age of 12 I got my first guitar and began composing music for those lyrics.

Through my teenage years and into my mid-20s I probably sang and played an average of ten hours a day, seven days a week. I considered myself a songwriter first, a musician second and a singer third. I was good and getting better and there were enough flashes of brilliance to allow me to earn a living for a few years in the mid-1990s.

And then the passion died. I recaptured it a few times, tried to put a couple bands together and made a few false starts but with one exception, one incredible inspiration in my early 30's, I no longer write songs, sing, play or perform. I pick up a guitar maybe once a month, for a few minutes but it just isn't there anymore. And I'm not sure why.

Over the years, I've written well over 100 songs and a select few, at least the lyrics, are presented here. I've also included "notes" at the end, just to try to give an idea of what the song would sound like. I suppose, to that end, I should also say my biggest musical influences were Buddy Holly, the Beatles, the Alan Parsons Project, Tom Petty and Blue Rodeo.



Lyrical Selections from the 1990s

Lyrical Selections from the 2000s

Lyrical Selections from Church Benches and Rain 2005 - 2006