The Art of Mixing

The Art of Mixing

by Joseph Avery-North

Today, February 25th, is George Harrison’s birthday. Sadly, we lost George almost 20 years ago but since he’s main the reason I became a musician, and why I’m a lifelong fan and player of Gretsch and their great guitars, today seems like the appropriate day to say… new, original music from me is on the way!

2020 has been absolute hell for so much of the world but 2021 has started with some promise, some positive energy, and I’m trying to harness and channel that. I have a lot on my plate, personally and professionally, and after a fantastic relaunch of Winterwind in the summer of 2020, the fall and winter… well, they weren’t as hoped or expected or planned for the site.

Can I quote John Lennon of George Harrison’s birthday? Sure, why not? “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans…”

My strengths are as a writer and a musician. The production side of things, whether is web design, video editing or music production, are a little outside of my comfort zone and expertise. But hey, you learn by doing, by experimenting and, thankfully in this day and age we have the internet and plenty of tutorials. The going is slow, my skills basic, but… I’ve been busy the last couple of weeks, recording songs for the album I wrote back in 2019 and attempting to teach myself the byzantine and esoteric art of mixing and mastering music.

Sleepless nights and green lights = Rock & Rock? Or exhaustion… or both…

So, I hope to have a few songs polished enough to release this spring. And I would love to find a collaborator more technically inclince than myself… and if they’re a better pianist than me, even better! Stay tuned…

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