The Winterwind Community

If you’ve reached this page you likely followed a link that said “Comment on the forums”. Well…

Once upon a time there were phpBB forums for Winterwind. They had a good run, going live 12/21/2003 and stayed online until 01/14/2020. There was laughter and tears, intelligent conversation, spam, The Gospels of Fish, more spam and lots of fun stuff. They were frequented by writers and artists, gamers and game designers (including most of the old Black Isle devs) and yeah, good times.

But in the end, there were only five members still active. That’s not surprising after the site went on a five year hiatus so ultimately I decided to close them. Winterwind has had its highs and lows and ups and downs and every time I tried to give it some serious attention something seemed to come along and direct my attention elsewhere so… The forums served their purpose, had their day and now the community can be found scattered about in the following places…

Winterwind on Facebook

Winterwind on Twitter

Winterwind on YouTube