We’re Back… The Return of Winterwind Productions

We’re Back… The Return of Winterwind Productions

June 3nd, 2020

After a 10 year run, from December, 2003 to December, 2013, Winterwind went on hiatus in January, 2014. And now we’re back!

Winterwind Productions is back!

Our tagline is “The Arts, Pop Culture and Social Issues” and that’s what we’ve always covered in our content. We’ve conducted some interviews with well known people in different fields, had regular writers, as well as guests, contributing content on a wide variety of topics and we’ve also featured original short stories and artist profiles/artwork from a variety of people around the globe.

Returning after such an extended hiatus is a daunting task but we’re up for the challenge. As of today the team consists of two people, Joseph Avery-North and William LJ Galaini, both of whom have been with Winterwind Productions since the beginning 17 years ago.

Joseph is the founder/editor as well as being a regular writer and William was essentially our “writer in residence” back in the day, penning several short stories and writing his Gamer on a Budget review column. We’ve switched the site over to WordPress from the older version of the site for ease of use and our intention with this relaunch is to create original content on a regular basis that alternately entertains or makes you think (or both).

We have a small presence on various social media platforms that we would like to grow. We’ve been on Facebook and Twitter for some time (although activity there was naturally sporadic with the site on hiatus for so long), we’re hoping to start consistently adding video content on our YouTube channel and looking at adding content on Instagram in the future as well (our Instagram account is presently a placeholder). So, you know the social media drill… Please leave a message after the beep Please Like, Follow and Subscribe.

Lastly, we’d like to assemble a new team instead of being just a duo. So, if you’d like to contribute, showcase your artistic talents, dispense caustic commentary or sage advice and help us grow again with the ultimate goal of taking over the world please drop us a line.

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