Written Warning

Live Customer Service Reps

by apoxuponme

Nordstrom's website has live customer service reps waiting to help you!


-Kristian has arrived to help you!
-You say: Helo?
-You say: Helo?
-You say: Helo?
-Kristian: Do you have any inquiries or concerns that have to do with Nordstrom?
-You say: Is Steve there? I talked to Steve before.
-Kristian: No. I am sorry.
-You say: Helo?
-Kristian: This chat is for the purpose of 'assisting the customer.' If you have any more legitimate shopping needs I would be happy to assist. If not I am going to have to abandon this chat.
-You say: I am sorry. I was just looking for Spas in my area. i Mm not i n Las Vagas
-Kristian: Where are you located?
-You say: i am in detriot. There's a lot of snow here. Where are you?
-You say: Helo?
-Kristian: Seattle.
-You say: oh. I've heard that a lot of peple there love cofeee and Asians! :0)
-Kristian: Is there any thing else I may assist you with?
-You say: Yeah... WTF is gehwolfoot care?!?!
-You say: is it a new salve or something?
-You say: and fuss-puder! WTF! that is on your website! "Gehwol Fuss-Puder" Christ! What is this shit?
-Kristian: Thank you. Have a wonderful night.

Your consultation has ended. Kristian leaves.