Welcome to the Autumn 2009 issue of the Winterwind Papers.

It's the third issue in a row that sees us with a full five pieces: a feature article, an artist's profile, a short story and two columns. We're quite pleased and hope you enjoy the result.

Jez Strickley makes a very welcome return to the ezine. This time he has contributed an article about travelling without moving. And it has nothing to do with meditation, mysticism or psychedelic experimentation.

Annica Söderlund is our profiled artist this issue. She's a talented young Swedish woman who has developed her own approach to anime. Her appearance in the autumn issue is even more fitting as she was "born on a starry autumn night 29 years ago".

Magnus Mørkøre Johannesen, a longtime Winterwind forum and team member, has returned after a lengthy absence to offer up some insightful philosophical musings.

Lina Broström, in addition to bringing Annica to our pages, has found the time to pen another of her unique short stories.

For myself, I've contributed a brief, and hopefully humourous piece on irrational fears and phobias.

Again, we hope you enjoy our efforts. And as always, the door is always open for submissions of all kinds.

Our next issue, due on the winter solstice, will mark our sixth year online. With a little luck and a little perseverance, we hope to have something special.