Artist Profile – D. Sauzi

Dungeons and Dragons Sock Puppets by D. Sauzi

This was made as a present for our D&D party spokesman who had just graduated with his master’s degree. It’s our 3rd Edition pen and paper D&D party, playing in the custom made campaign setting, Brokenlands, and consists of from left to right:

Elcade, a halfling rogue; Kagor, a dwarven evoker (played by D. Sauzi); Skaak, a dragotaur sorcerer and Thilwin, an elven monk/psion.

(Notes: The dragotaur is a custom race in the campaign setting. They are descendant from dragons and are a race that tend towards law and charisma. The mic around the neck of Skaak is actually a Greater Choker of Eloquence. It’s a PnP D&D item that enhances your charisma and your bluff skill.)

Dungeons and Dragons Sock Puppets

Note – This artist profile was originally published on the old Winterwind Productions site in March, 2006, prior to our switch to WordPress in 2020.

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